Lemmy v0.9.4 Release (2021-02-02)



  • Fixed a critical bug with votes and comment unlike responses not being 0 for your user.
  • Fixed a critical bug with comment creation not checking if its parent comment is in the post.
  • Serving proper activities for community outbox.
  • Added some active user counts, including users_active_day, users_active_week, users_active_month, users_active_half_year to SiteAggregates and CommunityAggregates. (Also added to lemmy-ui)
  • Made sure banned users can’t follow.
  • Added FederatedInstances to SiteResponse, to show allowed and blocked instances. (Also added to lemmy-ui)
  • Added a MostComments sort for posts. (Also added to lemmy-ui)


  • Added a scroll position restore to lemmy-ui.
  • Reworked the combined inbox so incoming comments don’t wipe out your current form.
  • Fixed an updated bug on the user page.
  • Fixed cross-post titles and body getting clipped.
  • Fixing the post creation title height.
  • Squashed some other smaller bugs.

Wonderful QoL improvements Dessalines!

Yeah, these are very nice. I really like the idea of a sort by most comments.

Thanks for all the quick fixes. You’ve been incredibly responsive.


No probs :)


Anyone else just gets an endless loading circle on ths post since the update: https://lemmy.ml/post/51782

Edit: the link here is even worse, it just throws me back here.


Fixed it. It was an error where the parent_id was being incorrectly set by a client, that was one of the critical bugs this release fixed for new comments from now on.

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