1. Users who put 20 hashtags on their toot
  2. twitter cross-posting toot
  3. bot which pollute timeline with pre-formated stupid toot

Let’s continue the list !

I’ve always hated the cross-posting Toot it is annoying to see


Blocks don’t really work. If someone of other instance shares (retoots) your toot and has contact with a blocked instance/user, the blocked instance/user can see that toot via the intermediate instance.


I can’t stand so many things about the twitter style of social media.

  • Based around following people: not communities or topics. If I follow a person, I have to see all of their posts no matter how unimportant to me it is. I might like a person’s input on star trek, I really don’t care if they’re drinking their second red bull that morning.
  • There are tags, but no voting, no sorting, and no moderation, so they’re mostly garbage.
  • No way to see what’s popular: or sorting based on voting whatsoever. Updates stream in, which means you can’t subscribe to more than a few people unless you want your entire day to be gone.
  • Length-limited content emphasizes gotcha soundbytes, and not discussion.
  • No tree-based commenting: meaning I have to click into a lot of threads just to see replies.

Related to the first thing: your saying that makes me realize I enjoy person-centric social media more than content-centric social media, and it does make me wonder how a platform can promote the best of both worlds. (idle general speculation, not lemmy-dev-content)

Most of my Mastodon content is “personal” in the sense that it’s idle chatter / bad jokes that I want to share with internet friends–but then I have a few posts that are more boostable like “here’s a blog post about how to do X”. Ideally, I’d want to be able to add that to a community/topic after I’d made the original post, since it’s typically only then I realize something fits (one thing that Instagram gets credit for is counting tags from comments, which allows this after-the-fact organization).


At some point we want to add user following to lemmy, so we can plug into the rest of the fediverse. So you’d see both user and community posts on your main feed.

The only one I know that gets this right, is unfortunately facebook. They have both the typical user / friend following, but also facebook groups, which can be very large and get a lot of posts.

There is a risk of stalking with that. If you add it, make it possible to see who follows you or disable the option to be followed.

I don’t really follow a whole lot of social media, so I didn’t really see it that way. But now I can kinda see why FB is still so popular. Looking forward to what lemmy becomes!

Not much “hate” here. I like the concept and I like the design (Especially now you can choose to have just one column in the middle) of Mastodon and the fact that it has managed to build up a significant user base. What I dislike are minor issues, like no really good default search for various things (Hashtags, words, URLs). And the RAM usage and the not so easy maintenance is uncool. However, there is … Pleroma. That software is awesome and light weight and has interesting options. Some time ago I ran a single person Pleroma instance, that was nice - software wise. But connecting to people via Mastodon was easier. Maybe Pleroma has improved meanwhile re: that.


well, I tried plemora, diaspora, friendica…but the problems is when you begin , with no followers, it’s just an empty space. In mastodon, the ‘noise’ in the local timelines is addictive for beginners.


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