After reading in the Promoting Lemmy Thread I had some random thoughts I shared in that thread. This thought might get its own thread.

One of the most wanted features on Mastodon was the ability to move your account to another instance with all followers.

I think that the fediverse of Mastodon instances started to grow faster when it was possible to move ones account to another instance without loosing followers. This made it possible to populate smaller instances with active users.

On Lemmy the personal account is not as important as on Mastodon. On Lemmy the communities are the biggest assets of an instance. If decentralization is the goal it might be a good idea to have the possibility to move a community to a new instance without loosing their subscribers.

Very big communities could even leave an instance to move to their own instance or to a special interest instance.

What do you think? Was it discussed before?


Yeah this would be really nice, if feasible! It would certainly help quite a bit with the decentralization of Lemmy’s network and avoiding huge instances like you see in Mastodon, Matrix, and the likes

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