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Normal people just care on what their friends are using. The real question is: Why big characters in the libre software culture are not promoting/using it?

What fediverse site has the most complete insights for visualization and statistics?
I would like to know how many user see my posts or downloaded my medias and any other info. I think it's a crucial point for content creators.

I agree with the spirit but also a little reminder that if you want to use these apps on your smartphone we have a limited support for good foss stuff.

I like to see new ideas instead of copy-paste centralized counterparts, it would be nice to read more detailed comparison between Fediverse apps. I’ve also read good stuff on Pleroma since (looks like) it maintain high quality on media uploads.

Thank you for the reply, I didn’t thought it was a so problematic function to obtain. I manly need it to play on Steam since most of the time the cursor appear randomly, even when using gamepads or big picture mode.

Just delete little unsupported distros to improve the better ones. Ubuntu still have a sense to exists like all the big distributions.

New community: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Join us for all things about MBTI. All 16 personalities are welcome.

In the sense of recommended guidelines, obviously no obligation to follow them from individual instances. I will not underestimate the power of design, it has zero costs and a great impact.

What if each Fediverse app (Mastodon, PeerTube, etc) would use the same design as default look?
It would be very cool imo to have similar aesthetic guidelines for all these fronts. Material design is the stardard in this era but Fediverse has the occasion to be more attractive with something new and more organized.