As far as I understand if any fediverse instance decided to start having magnet links and stuff like that, eventually it would be taken down by DCMA notices and the like. But what could be done so a community like that could thrive?

Some questions:

  1. Would other instances that federate with it get in trouble? They can always feign ignorance.
  2. Could an intance which holds magnet links and trackers be backed up every day, so that as soon as one instance is taken down another one takes it’s place immediately?
  3. Could an instance be owned annonymously? Can you register a domain and keep a server running somewhere without repercussions?
  4. Could a lemmy instance live in an onion domain, and still interact with the rest of the fediverse? Would that improve anything regarding the instance being taken down?
  5. What about running instances in countries that do not enforce piracy laws? Could someone in some random country that does not care maintain an instance, which all of the fediverse can access/comment/contribute?
  • db0M
    101 year ago

    To make a dedicated torrent “tracker” in fediverse is probably going to run the same risks any tracker does. So you need a host specifically setup to avoid giving in.

    There are hosting providers which will host a domain for you anonymously and host a server for you ignoring DMCAs.

    For example:

    However, they are very expensive comparatively

    • @damipereira@lemmy.worldOP
      21 year ago

      I’m starting to realize that a torrent site on fediverse has the same issues as outside, the only advantages I think are easy backup/re-spin because the data is standard.